Typing Hebrew Points (Niqud) in Windows and Word

To type Niqud in the Hebrew versions of Windows and Word, place the cursor after the letter you wish to add Niqud to, enter Caps Lock mode, and press shift in conjunction with one of the following:

  Shift and ... Sample
Sheva ~
Hataf Segol 1
Hataf Patah 2
Hataf Qamats 3
Hiriq 4
Tsere 5
Segol 6
Patah 7
Qamats 8
Sin Dot 9
Shin Dot 0
Holam -
Dagesh =
Qubuts \
Raphe Alt 0207
Alt, -
Meteg Alt 0205 ֽ


  1. When multiple points are needed, their order is: First Dagesh, then Shin or Sin Dot, then the vowel.

  2. has more information, in Hebrew.

  3. Not all Hebrew fonts display Niqud well. Some fonts are incomplete, and some position the Niqud incorrectly. For best results use the latest Hebrew fonts which are installed with Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, Narkisim, David or FrankRuehl. Test your browser.


See Windows Keyboard Layouts (Choose Hebrew).

The Microsoft visual keyboard may be helpful for you: You can see the character you want and just click on it to enter it into Office 2000. It also works with Notepad and other applications.



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