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Hebrew Browsers

Several browsers support standard ("logical") and legacy ("visual") Hebrew:

. Hebrew Standards: There are two sources for Hebrew standards, international standards and Israeli national standards. Mostly they are parallel.

. Typing Hebrew Points (Niqud) in Windows and Word.

. Hebrew fonts including Niqud and Teamim (points and cantillation marks).

Samples: Sample 1
Sample 2

. Article: Typesetting with Niqud and Teamim - Typesetting the Holy Bible in Hebrew, with TEX, by Yannis Haralambous, 1994.

. Test your browser:

. Some history - Hebrew on the IBM 1401.

. Gimatria - The Hebrew numbering system.

. The Hebrew Alphabet and Standard Codes

. Hebrew Fonts for the World Wide Web

. Hebrew Keyboard Layout

. Why is it so difficult to write Hebrew? An article explaining the complexities of Hebrew text processing (in Hebrew). There are two versions:

. Israel Government Internet Committee Hebrew page (in Hebrew).

. Microsoft's explanation - Middle Eastern Language Issues (in English).


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